Blossburg News & Views for February 29, 2012

by Lonny Frost 26. February 2012 22:27


The AYSO soccer organization will be holding registration on Friday, March 2nd at the Blossburg Library at 6 pm.  The fee is $30 for the first family member then $20 for the second family member.   However, if you played in the fall season then the fee will only be $20.  Call Eric or Sandra Smith at 570-659-5608 or 570-404-3992.
Blossburg Fire Department needs your support on Friday, March 2nd, and Friday, March 30th, so come out to enjoy their Fish Fry!  Cost is $9 per person, those under 4 eat free. Take out orders are available. All proceeds to benefit the Fire, Ambulance, and Auxiliary with Community minded projects.
A Chinese Auction is set for Sat., March 3rd, from 9am-11:45am. The drawings will be held at noon in the NPHS cafeteria.   
A Chicken BBQ will be held on Sat, March 3rd from 10am – 12pm in front of the Bloss Holiday Market.  This will benefit the Southern Tioga Gridiron Club. Chicken cooked by Sleezy!
You do not have to be a Democrat if you wish to attend this next event.  Having a Coffee with the Democrats will be held at the Brick on Sat., March 3rd, from 9 am to 10 am.  The Brick will provide free coffee, anything else you are responsible for. 
It is not to late to enroll your child in Head Start but time is running out.  Contact Pam Fowler, Family Advocate for Blossburg Head Start at 638-1415.
There will be a Lenten Supper and Service at the Blossburg First UMC every Wednesday during the month of March.  Any questions call Rev. Somerville at 638-2008.
Happy birthday to Larry Haynes, Sarah Craig, Katie Augustine and Walter Vaughn. 
Send your announcement to or call (570) 638-2486.  Deadline for items is 8pm on Saturday.
It was said that many of  newspapers that came out of Blossburg were controlled by the coal company, so many of the stories written were most often one-sided. 
The Blossburg Register, was the first of four newspapers published in Blossburg, Pa.  It came out Jan. 1, 1870 and ran for nine years.  On the evening of March 6, 1873, a huge fire swept through the business district of Blossburg, Pa., destroying everything.  The only business to survive was the newspaper office because it sat up away from the other businesses.  However, a week later, it too would burn to the ground due to a suspicious fire.  Many townspeople claimed it was set out of jealousy or revenge because that business had survived the devastating fire that left the town in ruins earlier that week.  
The Blossburg Register was a weekly paper published by the Graves Brothers until 1876.  By that year, Mr. Doud had joined them in the publication of the paper.  By mid-November of 1879, the publishers announced that they ordered a power press to accommodate its circulation.  That same month the editor of the Wellsboro Agitator congratulated them on their prosperity. 
It is hard to say when one newspaper ended and the next one began.  Although the Blossburg Register was expanding it was reported that it ended in 1879.  However, the Industrial Register or the Blossburg Industrial Register may have been created from the original paper.  The Blossburg Industrial Register's first issue came out on May 29, 1879.  It was a weekly paper that was published by Jno L. Sexton. 
Due to the rarity of this paper, it is uncertain when their last issue was actually published.  Nevertheless it is believed to be during 1881. 
The next newspaper to hit the stands in Blossburg carried a familiar name among the citizens of this town.  The Blossburg Register came out around April or May of 1881.  That estimate was given on the base that the earliest found edition was Vol. 3 No.15 which was dated August 19, 1881.  It was also a weekly paper published first by Havens & Co. This  newspaper had several publishers through the years.  By Aug. 7, 1884, A. G. and C. B. Ball became the publishers.  The last publisher of this particular newspaper was F. J. Cutter on Oct. 12, 1888.  Again the actual end of this paper is unknown due to the rarity of the paper today.
During the three years from 1885 through 1888 there were actually two newspapers being published out of Blossburg, Pa.  One was the Blossburg Register, which  was circulated from 1881 to 1888.  The second was the newest paper, called the Blossburg Advertiser. 
The Blossburg Advertiser or The Weekly Advertiser was the last newspaper printed in this town.  It was  another weekly distributed paper.  Ben P. Sexton was the publisher.  It focused on the farming and mining industries.  Dates of publication are said to be from 1885 to 1917. 
Several copies of this particular newspaper can be read here on this web site at the following link:


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