Blossburg News & Views for January 18, 2012 (Extended Edition with Photos)

by Lonny Frost 15. January 2012 18:54

Blossburg, Pa., has "ties" to "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" thanks to Jack and Jackie Reppard who lived in Covington until 1984.  Jack had worked as a mechanic at Ralph's Service Center and Jackie retired from  Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital and both decided to move to Florida that same year. 

Although our town is not listed in the book, it appears on the Reppards' birth certificates, for they were born on the same day, in the same room and delivered by the same doctor at the Blossburg State Hospital in May of 1943. Also on that day they ended up with similar names.  That was just the beginning of their remarkable story of similarities that would land them into the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" book in 2009! 

Another set of documents that "ties" this couple to Blossburg is their high school diplomas, for they both graduated in Blossburg from the North Penn High School in 1961! 

They got married to each other on November 21,1964 and lived in Covington, Pa.  This November they will celebrate their 48th anniversary.

A friend of theirs heard their story of the similarities this couple shared that she encouraged them to turn it into "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!"  So they did.  By 2004 they made it on the Ripley's website and by 2009 they made it into the book.  "That was one thing Jack was hoping for and I am so glad it happened.  He is still proud of that," Mrs. Reppard stated.

"Jack is still battling cancer and he no longer can leave the house", said Jackie in a phone interview.  Jack still uses his dry erase board to communicate with  doctors, nurses and mostly to his wife because he has a trach.  "Although his health has gotten worse over the last 3 years he still never complains", stated Jackie.  He receives all of his nutrition and fluids through a feeding tube, however that does not keep his spirits down.

Jack still calls their entry into the Ripley's book as his "five minutes of fame".  "We have a book with the official letter from "Ripley's Believe It Or Not! along with letters and newspaper clippings of this event," said Jackie.  She even mentioned their copy of the story published by the Wellsboro Gazette that Jason Przybycien did in August of 2009. "It is something we cherish together," she announced.

However, as I spoke with Mrs. Reppard I realized that this couple will be remembered for far more than their entry into Ripley's book or even their "ties" to Blossburg.  They will surely be remembered for the great love they continue to share with one  another.  That you can believe!  (See photo of the couple below.  It is their wedding Nov. 21, 1964 and a photo from 2009).

The couple misses the area and can no longer travel so send a warm greeting from Blossburg to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reppard,  131 Sunaire Terrace,  Nokomis, FL. 34275.             

Birthday wishes from Grandparents Tammy Jo and LeRoy Frost to Payton Ann Sargeant who will be 4 on the 19th!  Payton's parents are Matthew and Amanda Sargeant of Arnot.

Step up and help save a life.  Blossburg is having a Community Blood Drive on Friday, Jan. 27th at the Blossburg United Methodist Church from noon until 5pm.  This event is hosted by the Blossburg UMC Friendship Circle.  If you have any questions please call Lora Cope at 570 789-4026.

There will be a presentation at 7:30 P.M. by the Forestry Department on January 19th at the Kiwanis Meeting.  The public is invited to attend.

Remember to send your news to or call 570 638-2486.


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