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A Resolution
Whereas, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is fast becoming better known for its out-of-state trash collection than for out-of-state tourism; and

Whereas, we acknowledge that we must provide for our generated trash, both now and in the future; and

Whereas, Pennsylvania is the number one State/Commonwealth for importing trash; and

Whereas, forty-seven percent of trash dumped or burned in Pennsylvania is from out-of-state; and

Whereas, these locations include Canada and Puerto Rico; and

Whereas, Tioga, Sullivan and Bradford Counties have formed an organization to dispose of trash from these three counties within these three counties for the next one hundred years,


That Pennsylvania approve only landfills committed to disposing of Pennsylvania generated trash; and

That Pennsylvania establish a moratorium on new landfills until competent studies indicate a need for landfills to accept trash generated within Pennsylvania; and

That trash transported to transfer points within Pennsylvania retain the identity of its state of origin and not be thereafter identified as Pennsylvania trash; and

That each county or group of counties, not to exceed five contiguous counties, establish their own landfill operation within their collective boundaries; and

That aforementioned landfills be monitored by appropriate Commonwealth officials; and

That landfills not accept out-of-state garbage which has not been separated for recycling; and

That the Commonwealth provide Commonwealth owned land at least ten miles away from communities for disposal of Pennsylvania generated hazardous waste; and

That the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania encourage other states to provide their own areas for disposal of waste generated within their borders; and

That all elected officials of both parties support SB-814 and HB-1436 in toughened versions which would
  1. give municipalities veto power over landfills and their expansions,
  2. freeze landfill permits for at least two years, and
  3. roll back average daily volumes of accepted trash.


  • John E. Backman       Mayor

  • James J. Bogaczyk    Council President

  • 6/11/01                      Date

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