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Pennsylvania's Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation
Whereas, substantial coal mining has occurred in Pennsylvania for over 125 years, and the industry has been a significant employer of our citizens for most of those years; and

Whereas, the Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 imposed on coal operators a fee of 35 cents per ton on surface mined coal and 15 cents per ton on underground mined coal; and

Whereas, those fees were sent to the Secretary of Interior for deposit in the Abandoned Mine Land Fund for the purpose of paying for the reclamation and remediation of lands mined prior to 1977; and

Whereas, even though those fees were to be spent for reclamation and remediation of lands mined prior to 1977, $1.3 billion collected and earmarked for this work remains unspent in the US Treasury; and

Whereas, Pennsylvania has an estimated cleanup cost of %15 billion with over 2,400 miles of streams impacted with heavy metals from mine drainage, such as iron, aluminum and manganese, that can be toxic to human health and has 250,000 acres of scarred landscape containing dangerous hazards such as highwalls and water filled pits; and

Whereas, the people in Pennsylvania have the right to safe homes, viable communities, clean water free from abandoned mine drainage; and

Whereas, this fund is set to expire in the year 2004 without its reauthorization by Congress; and

Whereas, many jobs will be created with the increased spending of this fund.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the undersigned watershed association/interested citizen supports the initiative to reclaim more old mine sites, to clean up more water resources of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and to provide more jobs for the citizens of the Commonwealth and also urges Congress through the Secretary of the Interior to reauthorize the Abandoned Mine Land Trust Fund and to increase the obligation of monies in that Trust Fund to the state for the purposes for which they were collected.


Representative/Concerned Citizen        



  • Blossburg Borough       

  • James J. Bogaczyk    Council President

  • 245 Main Street
    Blossburg, PA 16912

  • 6/11/01                      


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